Wondering if there must be more to life?

More to relationships?

You’ve come to the right place!

Life Coaching
Life Coaching

What Barriers Or Beliefs Are Preventing You From Getting What You Want In Life?

Are your values “junk values”?
Do you lack motivation to do anything new?


Has Life Become Dull, A Series Of Unfulfilling Habits And Routines?

Do you have a burning desire to think out of the box, but are worried about the opinions of others?

What does it mean to be content and live to your full potential and ultimate vision?

Relationship Coaching
Relationship Coaching

How Successful Is Your Relationship With

Your Partner?

Are you able to communicate authentically?

Imagine experiencing exponential growth and love, bringing out the best in both of you!

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Rosalie Paver

Musician/ Sound Coach

I participated in these workshops after an introductory event I attended, which sparked my interest. Despite my busy life, I always felt an underlying sense of emptiness, searching for something ‘out there’ to fill a void.  


The workshops revealed insights of how I could be ‘being’ and not so caught up in ‘doing’ - to be PRESENT in the moment and most of all, to realise that I create my perceptions of the events in my life. I am free to choose how I respond (or react).


Dave and Leanne helped me to access tools for which I am grateful and which have supported me over the years to recognize that I matter, I am loved, and that I can choose not to be a victim of circumstance but instead can allow my vulnerability … with trust.  

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