Meet Dave & Leanne

A little of who we are, where we have been and how we got into this type of work....


Dave was born and raised in Rhodesia, as it was called then, now known as Zimbabwe. He moved to South Africa in 1982 to further his career in Telecommunications. Whilst living in South Africa, he ventured into new projects eventually managing his own metal work business, specialising in trailer manufacture. During this time Dave worked voluntarily in his part time as a trainer on many Personal Development workshops, gaining much insight into human behaviour and responses to particular life events.


He is highly experienced in the field of personal development and personal transformation. He is also a qualified Life Coach and Belief Clearing Coach and offers one-on-one sessions as well. His qualifications in Strategic Intervention Life Coaching (Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes) will give the extra edge to his coaching sessions and within the workshops.

In the years whilst living in the UK, Dave systematically and diligently developed and facilitated his own brand of workshops known as Quantum Leap Training and recently re branded as Quantum Life Coaching. Dave and Leanne together work as a team and offer three workshops called "Back to Basics", "The Edge" and "Beyond" as described in the previous pages in Auckland New Zealand. 

Dave has a quiet and gentle manner with an amazing ability to guide people to be their best in all areas of their lives. With his firm commitment and experience in assisting people to "grow" and experience their true selves, he is a dynamic, humorous trainer and these workshops are not to be missed!




Leanne was born in South Africa and lived there until relocating to the UK in 2003. She has dedicated her career thus far to helping people feel their best through various Complementary Therapies, Nutritional and Exercise advice. Leanne is also qualified in Mind Detox Method; Psych-K and Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindscaping. Now working with Dave in his New Zealand workshops she is excited to assist you to become all you ever wanted to be! Individual sessions with Leanne cost $195.


Leanne met Dave in 1994 during the workshops he was involved with in South Africa, and thereafter developed a keen interest in this field of personal development and personal transformation. Having studied many aspects on self help, self awareness and spiritual growth, Leanne has a keen interest in life's deeper mysteries and in helping people in their own development.


Leanne assists on these workshops ensuring that all the preparation and logistics are handled efficiently, as well as being involved in the processes during the workshops and providing support thereafter. Together as a dedicated team, Dave & Leanne offer an experience of a lifetime, and encourage you to give yourself this gift!