How to get what you want

How many times have you set yourself a goal and then it has not come to pass? Well you are not alone and maybe I can help with that.

Often our goals are too vague and so we never get the assistance from our brain (Reticular Activating System). This R.A.S. is the small part of our brains that is our ally in getting what we desire.

This little part of our brains is the gatekeeper for information and because we are presented with so much information all the time it filters out a huge amount preventing us from an information overload. Just as an example; you may have just decided to take up a hobby or activity that you would not do previously and then suddenly you start noticing that there are adverts and information all over the place for the same hobby.

For my birthday, my wife gave me a beer making kit. My Dad had made his own beer when I was a youngster but was not on my radar until I opened my present. Since then I have come across many related websites, and now I am more aware of the different types of beers and how to make them. How easily available they are even in supermarkets. It is as though the filter that was there has now been removed. The same can happen when looking to buy a car or house.

If our focus is too broad this little filter can’t really help. So, what is the trick?” I hear you say.

Imagine your goal is to get a degree now, this leaves it wide open and too general so you don’t really know where to start looking and your RAS can’t help you, but if you wanted to get a degree in Computational Physics, now that is specific and something you will get help on.

What would be required? Do you currently have the necessary qualifications to go to university to get it right now? If not, what do you need to do to get to the next step? So, what you need to do is to chunk it down into easy measurable steps.

The next step is to make sure it is achievable (let’s look at health and fitness). So, let’s say you want a 6 pack (Not beers) and you don’t have one now. The question is, would you be able to get toned and fit enough to have a 6 pack?

So, let’s say the answer is a resounding “yes”. How likely are you to be in this level of fitness by the end of the weekend? Unlikely but if you set yourself a target of 6 or 9 months it is more likely. This part is the realistic part.

Finally, you need to set your goal up so its time based.

This is what is referred to as the S.M.A.R.T method.





Time based

Ideally when setting up longer term goals, it is best to look at steps of 2 months at a time as often the goal post moves and circumstances change and so after a period of 2 months you can tweak the goal, much like flying overseas - slight course corrections at the outset and en route will get you to your desired destination, there’s no such thing as a straight flight path!

Like an aircraft or ship heading overseas, the chance you are on course all the time is not a given, as sea swells and air currents can change the direction much like having a baby, moving house, getting divorced or falling ill. All of these can have an impact on the final result. Flexibility is the answer as in the tree that is flexible when the snow comes and is able to bend, is the one likely to survive and the tree that is rigid is the one that will end with broken branches.

If you have a goal that you’re unclear about, or need help getting specific about, reach out and book your 30 minute complimentary strategy session so together we can decide how I can help you move forward.

Written by Dave Liddle

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