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Love and joy to all who read this, may it aid you in finding out more of the reasons life's path has brought you to this point.
I am Lindsay, and I did the workshops in the UK when Dave and Leanne lived here 8 or 9 years ago.

Why did I do them? Well to be honest, because of a gift, the gift was the 1st workshop. Spiritually I never refuse a gift because the giver sees me as worthy, and to refuse could shut down the giving.

I was in a good place with myself, I had done loads of different classes and events to get myself where I was 9 years ago. Although I have to admit, I did find my past would drop in and put fear back in my heart. Hubby called them my "Quick fix till the next one came along classes," that what he said this one was.

Lindsay Nicholson

9 years on, and I've never considered any other kind of workshop, classes or events to improve myself.  Why, because through Dave and Leanne's workshops I really got to know who I was, what I wanted in life, and how to create what I am now, and still can be. Life is always giving us new ways to see who we are, and how far we have come. The workshops are like a condensed version of how the universe works in our lives.  We do not know from one moment to the next how the day will be. We can be happy in life just peacefully going along, when in that moment it's turned upside down. I found ways to deal with my life, to make it better for me. I have learnt to embrace everything that life had given me, and is still giving, good or bad. Its what is required to be who I am now.

How have the workshops impacted on my life then and to date? Mega! 

At the time of doing the 1st one my marriage of 30 years was going nowhere, almost dead in the water. The last 7 years have been the best Alan and I could have ever expected. Why? Because I know who I am, and know what amazing man/friend hubby is just as he is. We have just celebrated our 40th anniversary. I live in the now, that's all I require. I accept and embrace with gratitude ALL life has for me, I've learnt to receive joy in everything. 

So why should you be part of these workshops? Because you will be giving yourself the greatest opportunity to receive the Greatest Gift you have in life, grab it with both hands and don't let go! You will fly in life, as I do!


Give yourself the gift of love, your love.