Experience breakthroughs
in current ways of thinking and feeling

Has Life Become Dull, A Series Of Unfulfilling Habits And Routines?

Do you have a burning desire to think out of the box, but are worried about the opinions of others?

What does it mean to be content and live to your full potential and ultimate vision?

For most people, a change is initiated when our circumstances are so bad, and when we’re so uncomfortable that we can no longer continue as things have been. Why wait for the financial crisis, or ill health, or loss of some kind? Our workshops are designed to push buttons, at times making us uncomfortable so that we can explore, in a safe environment, a new way to "be" in relation to what life throws at us. It helps us to be at "threshold" which is when we decide something needs to change and it needs to change NOW!


Neuroscience tells us that our brains become hardwired to produce certain familiar behaviours and reactions which makes it very difficult (even if we really desire to change) to actually make these changes stick. We just cannot seem to "think outside the box"! Our workshops assist you, through the experiential games we play, to think outside the box, push you past your comfort zone and thereby create new positive behaviours, assisting you to create, from within, an inspiring, uplifted life filled with purpose and meaning.

Let’s Change Your Life

Unlike motivational workshops which “fire” you up temporarily, experiential workshops have a lasting impact on your life.

Much like the experience of falling in love—which would you prefer, reading about it or experiencing it? Experiences teach the body - through the emotions - what the mind has learned as a concept and have a lasting impact. Some may say they will eventually discover their true selves one day anyway, the question is, how long will it take? These experiential personal development workshops will tremendously accelerate your personal transformation.

One definition of a quantum leap is: A radical change in method, information or knowledge. We like to think of it as a radical recognition of who we really are and a positive shift in our awareness. In a nutshell, our experiential Personal Transformation Courses held throughout New Zealand will assist you to take that quantum leap and create a life of opportunities and purpose. These workshops have also been described as a Paradigm Shift which is defined as:


"A complete change in thinking or belief systems that allows the creation of a new condition previously thought impossible or unacceptable." 

In the first two workshops , Back to Basics and Beyond, you will explore and discover ways to make you more effective as an individual in all areas of your life, including those that are already great. There are many methods of achieving this via processes/games, interactive lectures, sharing and movement. Using Strategic Intervention Coaching, as taught by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, the Coach is able to help participants (during a one-on-one sharing session) to break through limiting beliefs and create new possibilities. Some of the other techniques used are Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Creative Visualisation. The games are also designed to create breakthroughs and it is all integrated with the data presented. 

The third workshop is a 6 day retreat focusing on creating a Vision for your life. Each workshop is self contained and although progression to the advanced courses is recommended, it is not essential.


Back to Basics


The Edge

Personal Development, Personal Transformation or Self Awareness programmes are, as the names suggest, workshops and programmes that will help individuals to realise their self worth,understand why they have certain beliefs and why they react to events the way they do, with the option of changing these unhelpful beliefs enabling us to be at peace with our past, be more successful and have more meaningful, loving relationships.


Examining these areas in our lives will help us to lead more fulfilling, purposeful and pro-active lives. With increased self esteem and the confidence to use these newfound tools on a daily basis we become an inspiration and example to others.

We are based in Auckland and currently offer this trilogy of experiential workshops of self awareness and awakening, equipping you to express who you really are in all areas of your life. When you express who you really are, you fulfill your purpose and achieve your dreams and goals. 

By re-aligning our way of being in the world we are able to break-through our limiting belief systems, creating a life filled with awareness, joy and clarity. Creating a shift in our perspectives opens doors of opportunity and enables us to live profoundly and with integrity. 

The workshops create a safe space

which allows participants to:

  • Examine areas of their lives that can be improved or enhanced.

  • Share with fellow participants, which in itself is a fantastic learning tool.

  • Fully express their feelings, without judgement, whether these be negative or positive. 

  • Heal relationships.

  • Participate fully in thoughtfully designed processes and activities resulting in a huge shift in personal awareness.

  • Discover that we are actually human beings rather than human doings or human havings.

  • Change their relationship with life's experiences.